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Fun Facts

  • Tanzania has the most expensive hardwood tree in the world; the Mpingo trees, also known as the African Blackwood trees.

  • And talking about wild, 30% of country’s area is occupied with National Parks, with 12 parks, 13 nature reserves, and 38 protected areas.

  • Countries share food, flora and fauna, and several other things. But have you heard of any country that shares its national anthem? Tanzania does. With South Africa and Zimbabwe.

  • The Ruaha National Park is the home to largest population of wild elephants in all of Eastern Africa.

  • Have you ever seen a lion climbing trees? May be on television. Well, what you saw was a shot from the Lake Manyara National Park; the home to world’s only tree climbing lions.

  • There are 12 national parks, 13 nature reserves, and 38 protected areas scattered throughout the country, each with their own unique landscape and character.

  • Tanzania has the largest number of wildlife per square kilometre, with more than 4 million wild animals from 430 different species. One of the most well-known national parks is the Serengeti, Africa’s largest nature reserve. It’s home to over one million species of large animals, including African wild cats, baboons, elephants and zebras.